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The All-You-Can-Read Buffet

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Last month, I made a push on promoting my first short story anthology, A Man of Few Words.  This month, I’m doing the same with my second anthology, The All-You-Can-Read Buffet.  It contains  forty stories covering various genres and themes ranging from six to over 4,200 words in length. They also cover a wide time range. Some of these stories I began writing a decade ago, while others were written especially for this collection. All together, they are a buffet of my writing. As such, I encourage you to read as much as you want. Go back for seconds, thirds, fourths even. I won’t even mind if you skip over the stuff you don’t like, but, to quote your mother, “How do you know you don’t like it? Have you tried it?”

This link will take you to the page I set up for the book with all the places you can find it.


Updated website

Posted in Books, Website, Writing on January 14, 2012 by The Prince of Pithy

For reasons too complicated and mundane for a blog, I haven’t been able to update my website for about six months.  But I’ve finally been able to update it in the last couple of days.  The updates are mostly simple things – like the blurbs and links to the few stories I’ve posted the last few months – but I’ve also updated the page for my next book, The All-You-Can-Read Buffet.  Before, it had pretty much just been a page with the title, but now I have the working cover, book blurb, and content list.  So check that out.

The other change I’ve made is to add a PayPal Donate button on the main page.  For the longest time I put off doing something like that because it seemed … desperate?  But I figured it would be better to have it and have no one use it than have someone want to give me money and them not being able to.  So I’m not asking for donations; I’m just letting you know I’ll take them.  😀

It’s going to be a busy night

Posted in Science, Spaceflight, Website, Writing on May 31, 2011 by The Prince of Pithy

I usually start my first story as part of my 30 Stories in 30 Days when June is a few minutes old.  So I will be working on that.  But about an hour later, I’ll be watching to see if Copenhagen Suborbital’s Heat-1X gets off the … sea, since it will be a sea launch and not from the ground.  And then, about an hour-and-a-half after it launches, the Space Shuttle Endeavour will be landing for the final time.  I’m not going to get much sleep tonight.  Good thing I’m taking tomorrow off.

Ten days until madness

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On June 1 I will once more descend into madness in my fourth attempt to write 30 Stories in 30 Days. On that page you can read how this came about (as well as the 90 stories I’ve written the first three years) and see that I’m doing something different this year. Instead of posting the stories on my website, I’m going to be posting them on my Oneoveralpha’s Writing Blog. The reason for the change is I think it will be easier for me to upload my stories and people will now be able to comment on them. It should be interesting.

What it’s like inside my head

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Off and on over the years, I’ve wanted to sit down and try to write out my thought processes. I think it would be a great idea to give people a peek inside my skull. Unfortunately, something else usually comes up and I move on to it. But I had an interesting train of thoughts the other day and I figured I should write it up. So here goes.

The other day at work, one of my coworkers and I had a brief conversation. It was brief for two reasons. One, it was the end of the day and I wanted to leave, and two, I could tell we had a difference of opinion and talking about it right there wouldn’t change that. Basically, he made a statement about a program that I agreed with, in part. I would say the program failed one out of a hundred times, but he seemed to think it was more like ninety out of a hundred times. Therefore, we drew different conclusions about the effectiveness of this program, but neither one of us had the hard facts to confirm our point. So I just said, “See ya,” and left for the day.

I went to the local coffee shop, bought a cup of Earl Grey and a cookie, and sat with my writing notebook. There were a few things I needed to work on, so I tried to organize my thoughts, but I didn’t have much success. Instead, I just started jotting down any odd thing I could think of. For example, the first note I made was, “The rich will have robotic butlers.” This came from a couple days earlier when I thought of how years ago the rich had butlers, and housekeepers, and gardeners, and cooks to maintain their house. Of course now, the not so rich can still have maids, and landscapers, and they can have their food delivered to them. And while the not so rich can have a robotic vacuum cleaner, in a decade or two, the rich may well have android butlers. At first, they’ll be the only ones who can afford them. And I just wondered what societal changes will come of that. It’s an interesting idea, but I couldn’t really focus on it, so I moved on to other things.

The next thing I glanced at was trying to come up with some article ideas for my King of Prussia Writing Examiner column. Perhaps the android butlers carried over, but I remembered how one of the first stories I posted on my Ficly profile to get notice was “Death by Sexbot.” I believe at the time I wanted to write a blog post about how just putting sexbot in your title gets attention. Titles that increase traffic, that could work as an article. Of course, I’m not entirely sure how would take an article where I mention sexbots. There would be no graphic details, but some places can be a little tricky with their morality.

I then wrote down several things I needed to do, and comment how I had too many ideas in my head. That would be a great idea for a story, except I’ve already written several: “Curse,” “Cursed,” “Do I Have an Idea for You,” “Not Another One,” “Overwhelmed,” and “So Little Time.”

After a few more scribbled notes, I set my pen down and just stared out the window at the early spring afternoon. Eventually, my train of thought came back to my coworker. If the two of us spent the time to fully explore the details of the program, I’m sure we could agree on the truth, whether it was closer to what he believe, or what I believed, or as is most likely, somewhere in between. While I’m sure that is true with him, it’s not true with other people. Almost jokingly, I wrote “Reality” on one side of the page and “Most people” on the other side. I even came up with a quote, “You are a part of reality, even if you don’t accept it.”

As I sat smiling at my wit, a guy at the next table said something about a cell phone. At the mention of this device people can’t live without that makes them all interconnected, the recurring thought of humanity developing into a hive mind returned to me. And I wondered if the differences of opinion people have would be washed out in the hive mind. But then I realized that if you look at the internet, almost the opposite has happened. So I wondered if instead of one hive mind, there would be many. As a basic example, a Democratic Hive Mind vs. a Republican Hive Mind. Of course, not everyone will automatically join a hive mind, which will slowly grow as they absorb individuals. And I wondered if enough radical individuals joined a hive mind, could they swing the consensus view of it? Would that just be politics as usual, or a form of terrorism? All the while I wondered what story I could make of this.

At this point, I had finished my tea and was starting to give myself a headache. So I closed my notebook, and went to buy some groceries. But that’s a brief overview of about an hour inside my head.

I’m going to need a bigger board

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The other day at work something odd popped into my mind, which happens from time to time. It was a scene from Futurama where Fry goes to register at Mars University. There are three lines for the students. The first is for names A-M, then N-Y, and the last is just for Z. The Z line is longer than the other two, filled with all sorts of aliens. I realized that for Americans, names that begin with Q, X, or Z just sound … alien. When you think of aliens, you usually don’t think of them named Bob. (Well, maybe Paul.) Wait a minute, I thought. “The Best Job Ever!” That’s a story I wrote with an alien named Bob. Well, the people he worked with just called him Bob because his real name was unpronounceable by humans. Anyway, I wrote the story a few months ago, submitted it to a magazine but it wasn’t accepted. I set it aside to work on other projects, and kinda forgot about it. Which, happens.

Years ago, I started a system to keep track of my stories. I wrote the title on a strip of paper then taped it to a blank space on my wall. When I submitted a story, I wrote who I submitted it to on the slip, then moved to a section of the wall reserved for my submitted stories. I’ve maintained the submitted story section, but I’d pretty much stopped using the slips-of-paper-taped-to-my-wall method. So I was thinking I needed a new system for keeping track of my stories. I think before I started the slips method I considered using a dry erase board, but didn’t because I figured it would be too cluttered. But what if I just used it for my big stories? I wondered. I define big stories as those I plan on submitting to magazines. They’re not the stories I self-publish. So today I went and bought a dry erase board, took it home, and this is the result:

These are my big stories, with the exception of “Day 366.” That is a story I’m writing for my March Newsletter, and I stuck it on to make sure I finish it. “Title” is self-explanatory, “Date Revised” is the last time I revised it (if I could look it up off-hand) and the “Status” is whether it’s being Critiqued, I’m Writing it, Revising it, if it Needs Revision, or if it’s submitted and where. These are just stories. None of the numerous novels I want to write are on there and non of my previously published stories that I need to revise for any of the collections I’m working on is on there. So you can see what I said I’d need a bigger board.

As I mentioned, “Day 366” is for my Newsletter, where I let people know what I’ve done writing-wise in the past month. For awhile, there hasn’t been much spark to my newsletters. But what if I take a picture of my board each month to add, so people can see what progress I’m making? So this is the initial condition. Where can I go from here?

May Newsletter

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See my writing news from the month of May, and see what I’m planning on doing in June.