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A Man of Few Words

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Coming up with ideas for stories, writing them out, polishing them up, putting them together in a manuscript, getting a cover, and publishing a book is a lot of hard work. But that’s only half the battle of writing, because then you have to sell your book. In many ways, that’s the harder part. I have several books and ebooks out, and while I send out tweets about them on a regular basis, few people know they exist. So I’ve decided to take one day each week and really push one of my books. One aspect of these pushes is to write up blogs about each, which brings us to:

FewWordsA Man of Few Words is a collection of 50 of my flash fiction stories. How does a teenager work up the courage to call a girl? What would happen if a “T-Rex on steroids” attacked a city? Why do science fiction writers make the best lovers? How does a company get to Second Base with VIPs? These questions and more are explored using less than 1000 words and in various genres from humor to horror and general fiction to science fiction.

The majority of the stories were previously published (most by myself on my website) but all were revised for the collection. In addition, each piece is accompanied by some background information giving a fuller story experience.

For an example, here is one of the stories you’ll find within.

“Until the End”

Anne moved her chair next to her husband Gregory. From her purse she took a thick paperback, bought just over a week before. Putting on her glasses, she studied the glossy cover and read the blurb on the back. Shaking her head, she said, “I never did see why you read these sorts of novels.” She opened to the receipt used as a bookmark and said, “You only had forty-some pages left.”

Without knowing anything about the characters or plot, she began reading the end of the story to her husband as he lay silently in his best suit.


If you are at all curious, then check out the page for A Man of Few Words on my website to find out where you can find it.


Tidbits of history

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The easy part of my move is over, now I have to figure out where to put all of my stuff.  Included in my stuff are several boxes of VHS tapes.  Most of them are probably ten to fifteen years old, but I’m going through them anyway to see what I can get rid off and what I should keep.  I’ve heard that some places will take VHS tapes for recycling, but I haven’t had luck finding such places.  If you know of any – especially in northwestern PA – let me know.  Some of the tapes I know I can get rid off, like the ones I used to tape all five seasons of Babylon 5 (I now have the DVDs).  Other tapes I know I need to hang on, for now at least, like the ones with all three seasons of Tour of Duty.  But I also have many unmarked tapes.  So I’ve started watching one or two a day.  The first tape I watched had a grainy, bad sound, censored for TV version of History of the World, Part 1.  While fast-forwarding to see what was taped after it (a grainy, bad sound, censored for TV version of Mars Attacks!) I came across some old commercials.  It was weird.  For example, I saw a commercial for one of those beds where you can adjust the firmness, and I swear I had seen it recently.  Possibly – since I don’t think the technology has changed that much – they just used the same basic script, but with newer actors.  But they could probably rerun it today, and you’d just tune it out like all the others.  There was however, something very noticeable about the commercial that ran after that one.  It was a phone commercial.  Nowadays, phone commercials are all about how you can watch movies, shop online, and the other 800,000 things you can do with phones now.  But back in the day of VCRs, phones were just things you used to talk to other people.  That was it.  The commercial I saw was of two sisters who lived in different states, but they would call and spend hours talking.  You saw one sister standing in her kitchen laughing while holding something smaller than a breadbox up to her ear.  You then saw the other sister lounging on her couch while her phone had a curly cord that ran off somewhere off screen.  That got me thinking, When was the last phone commercial that showed a corded phone?  It also got me thinking, Am I really that old?

I think my brain just broke

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I was looking through the posts on Things That Are Doing It, and I saw this post about a silencer for artillery.  As one person commented, it’s to cut down on noise complaints from the civilian neighbors, but still.  It’s one of those things that I know exists, but I just can’t wrap my brain around it.

How the Tea Party could be dangerous

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A leader of Florida’s Tea Party movement, Everett Wilkinson, wants to vote out of office those who voted for the Health bill. That is his right as an American citizen, just as it is my right to not vote for Republicans because of Bush. But he is a potentially dangerous radical:

“When they leave office, we’re going to make sure the private sector is aware of who they are and we’ll make it virtually impossible for them to have a job even after they leave office” (emphasis mine.)

I’m not a health professional or anything, but I think the desire to punish those who disagree with you is a mark of mental disorder. I’m not saying all Tea Partiers are dangerous mental cases, but this is a leader in one of the state movements. Shouldn’t that worry people?

Here is the full article:

Tea partiers vow revenge over health overhaul

By BRENDAN FARRINGTON, Associated Press Writer Brendan Farrington, Associated Press Writer – Tue Mar 23, 4:09 am ET

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Tea party activists aren’t just angry that Democrats passed a major health care overhaul, they are out for revenge.

They do not see passage of the landmark reforms that usher in near-universal medical coverage as the end of the debate. Tea partiers instead vow to support attorneys general who plan a lawsuit seeking to declare the law unconstitutional. They are demanding the bill be repealed or not funded and want to kick out of office all supporters of the measure.

So far, the nascent movement has almost reveled in its rebellious and grass roots nature and has avoided becoming as much a part of the establishment as the Republican and Democratic parties. But some tea party organizers see the health care debate as a galvanizing force that could stir its followers to greater action and something to rally around with midterm elections this year.

In states across the country, tea party groups planned protests and vowed to target any congressional member who supported the measure passed Sunday night.

“There’s going to be a whole, all-out effort for an Election Day onslaught,” said Michael Caputo, a public relations consultant who works with tea party activists on the national level, as well as in Florida and New York. “The health care process has been an incendiary issue for the tea party organizations since Day 1. Losing that vote is going to inflame them more.”

The number of tea party groups has been growing for a little more then a year. Many in the movement were previously not politically active and have a strong independent streak, making organization sometimes difficult.

Most share a common belief that government spending and influence should be limited and they’re angry about policies President Barack Obama and the Democratic-controlled Congress are implementing, including last year’s $787 billion federal stimulus package and health care.

In a conference call with tea party activists Monday night, Eric Odom of the Patriot Caucus mapped ambitious plans to set up state chapters, organize voters online and raise money to oust incumbents who supported the health care overhaul.

He predicted the vote would increase support for the movement across the country.

The government “has declared war on our way of life,” Odom from Nevada told listeners.

“It’s now time to boot them from office,” said Odom, who chairs the Liberty First PAC, a fundraising arm of the group. “We absolutely must have your help.”

In Florida, about 85 tea party groups encompass about 100,000 people, according to Everett Wilkinson, a leader in the state’s movement. A small rally is being planned in Boca Raton on Tuesday with more likely the rest of the week in response to the vote, he said.
There are similar reactions elsewhere.

“We will be more determined than ever to see that this country is governed the way the constitution intended,” said Brenda Bowen, a tea party organizer in Greenville, Ala. “We are all getting our second wind. When we do, you’d better watch out.”

Even though they didn’t stop the bill, Tim Dake, organizer of the Milwaukee-area group GrandSons of Liberty, said he and others intend to push for a state constitutional amendment that would prohibit forcing people to buy health insurance. The amendment has been introduced by Republicans in the Democratic-controlled Wisconsin Legislature, but there are no plans to hold a hearing on it.

The Republican-controlled Legislature is pushing a similar measure in Florida. If lawmakers put it on the ballot, at least 60 percent of voters would have to approve it.

Christen Varley, head of the Greater Boston Tea Party Organizers, said the House health vote was both “heartbreaking” and a wake-up call.
“I think we all went to bed a little dejected last night, but from the communication I received this morning, people are energized,” said Varley. Sarah Palin is scheduled to headline a tea party rally on historic Boston Common on April 14.

Massachusetts already has a form of universal health care, yet the state made passage of the bill more difficult when voters elected Republican Scott Brown to replace the late Sen. Ted Kennedy — who spent nearly his entire career pushing for health care for all. Brown’s election took away Democrats’ filibuster-proof majority in the Senate.

Willie Lawson, a Tampa-area conservative radio talk show host who speaks at tea party rallies, wondered what effect the vote will have on an April 15 event at a University of South Florida stadium.

“It’s just a big punch in the gut. It really is to a lot of people,” said Lawson, who wondered whether people new to the movement will be discouraged by the vote and not bother to come. Others, he’s sure, will be more fired up.

“For some people it will just be more raw meat, more raw meat out the back door to get people to come,” he said. “The hardcore people will be there. They’ll be angrier than ever.”

Whether or not tea partiers will be able to turn anger into organization may vary from state to state.

“People in the Tea Party movement are fiercely independent. They don’t like being told what to do. It’s like herding cats,” said Chad Capps, strategy coordinator for a Huntsville, Ala., group.

While tea party activists have made themselves heard, University of North Florida political science professor Matthew Corrigan said the movement alone won’t be enough to oust incumbents.

“Do they have energy? Yes. Have they been getting into the media? Yes, but they still haven’t sold me on the fact that they can swing elections,” Corrigan said. He added, however, that tea party activists could be more influential if they work with Republicans against Democrats.

And for Wilkinson, it doesn’t just stop at voting out the lawmakers who supported the measure.

“When they leave office, we’re going to make sure the private sector is aware of who they are and we’ll make it virtually impossible for them to have a job even after they leave office,” Wilkinson said. “Wherever they are, we will be there. We are not stopping. We’re not going away. This is just the beginning.”
Associated Press writers Steve LeBlanc in Boston, Scott Bauer in Madison, Wis., Phillip Rawls in Montgomery, Ala., and Michael Blood in Los Angeles, contributed to this report.

Global Warming Deniers

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This morning I saw a video on YouTube from potholer54:

I thought it was an excellent video, so I tweeted a link to it.

Not long afterward, I received a reply. “Poor video: #climategate /via @oneoveralpha // this is anti-climategate pro warming cruft from @juliancain.

I replied: @juliancain Talk is cheap. Disprove his arguments. #climategate

This continued: @juliancain Talk is cheap. Disprove his arguments. #climategate /via @oneoveralpha // it’s in the code I am a programmer, complete fraud

@juliancain What’s “in the code?” Just saying “complete fraud” does not disprove anything. #climategate

juliancain @oneoveralpha What’s “in the code?”. #climategate // data padding to make up for lack thereof, /* comments */ as well, code can’t lie

@juliancain What padded data? I was just talking about a video. What, in the video was padded?

juliancain “What, in the video was padded?” /via @oneoveralpha // The video attempts to lie about climategate. We aren’t buying your algore fraud.

@juliancain Your options: show factual errors in the video or continue blathering. Note, the first option is actually science.

About this point, Elizabeth1776 commented: @juliancain I think @oneoveralpha is a science fiction writer. They were correct in that I write science fiction, for which I thanked her. However, Elizabeth1776 is one of those people who think “Obama=Hitler.” She is entitled to her opinion, but as far as I’m concerned, she is in the same group as people who think the moon is made of cheese.

Anyway, after THREE requests to give factual errors in the video I linked to above, juliancain gave AN answer: juliancain show factual errors /via @oneoveralpha // video doesn’t display the email in question IS related to tree rings. It gives you your opinion.

That’s it? Admittedly, I haven’t looked at the emails in question, so I don’t have a transcript to see where all the quotes came from. But that’s it? Can’t we just say that it is juliancain’s opinion that the email isn’t related to tree rings? What proof is there that potholer54 made a misleading video?

juliancain, you are doing the Global Warming Deniers a disservice. I am looking for facts, and information, and you haven’t provided any. You are doing EXACTLY what you claim the “Global Warming Alarmists” are doing, namely, “blather blather blather trust us we have data blather blather blather.”

Bah Humbug

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I spent a few hours today in the café in a bookstore reading, writing, and contemplating communication with aliens.  At one point I noticed the store was selling “Bah Humbug” mugs.  For a second I considered buying one to express my displeasure at Chinamas.  (Chinamas – the four month orgy of consumerism where tons of cheap, worthless crap is bought propping up foreign economies, often confused with the Christian holiday of Christmas.) But then I wondered if buying the mug would actually support Chinamas.  I checked and – of course – the mugs were made in China, so I didn’t buy it and was left feeling like I had lost something.  Damn you Chinamas.

Winner of the 2009 Golden Crocoduck

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The guy I voted for.  Yay!