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Another year, another 30 stories?

Posted in Stories, Writing with tags , on May 28, 2013 by The Prince of Pithy

It’s almost that time again for my self-inflicted insanity.  This June will mark my sixth attempt at my 30 Stories in 30 Days Challenge.  In case you need it spelled out, this is where I attempt to write thirty stories – most of them very short – within a thirty day period.  I’ve succeeded in four of my previous attempts at doing this.  In 2011, I only wrote nineteen stories, but I was in the process of moving that month, so give me a break.

As with the last couple of years, the stories will be posted on my oneoveralpha’s Writing Blog.  Will I meet my goal this year?  You’ll have to check back to find out.


Mutant Dandelion!

Posted in Odds with tags , on May 8, 2013 by The Prince of Pithy

I was walking outside and I came across a mutant dandelion.


So I took a few photos of it.


But I paid for it because it ate my fingers!


Poor headline, or am I just a geek?

Posted in Odds, Scifi with tags , on May 4, 2013 by The Prince of Pithy


I just saw this and had to do a double take.