Stupid updates

Earlier this afternoon, I had been hearing distant thunder for some time.  I checked the weather map, and there was a line of strong storms heading my way.  Just to be safe, I figured I’d turn my computer off.  I was finishing up a few things online when the rain started falling.  It was building up to a nice shower when I finally clicked to turn off my computer.  I was looking out my window and I happened to glance over at my computer where I saw “Installing 1 of 9 updates.”

“You’re doing that now!”

As the second update was going through, we were hit by a strong gust of wind that blew the rain sideways.  There was also an almost constant rumble of thunder, and I saw several bolts of lightning out my window.  During the fifth update, there was a short hail storm with quarter-inch sized hail.  The sixth update took five minutes or more, and by the time the updates were all done, it seemed the storm was over.  A few minutes later, a weaker storm moved through.

We didn’t lose electricity, but it was annoying.


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