Does anyone else think like this?

I have a couple WordPress blogs.  Thirty or so minutes ago, I was making some updates to them.  I made the update for this one without any problem, but when I went to log into the next one, it came up that it couldn’t find the site.  That’s odd, I thought.  I was able to open this blog, so I figured it must just be a glitch and I would just have to wait to make the update.  So I went to check my email, but something happened when I tried to sign out, saying it couldn’t find the site.  Okay.  I check Google Reader without any problem, then tried to check Facebook.  Couldn’t find the site.  My internet connection is kinda crappy some days, so I usually just assume my connection has broken, but all the lights were on.  And then I couldn’t get any site – even the ones I was just on – to come up.

Now, my first thought was just that there was some issue with my internet connection.  I should just unplug it, wait a few seconds, and let it reset.  But my second though – neither close nor distant – was to wonder if this was an attack, either a massive cyber attack or a nuclear EMP blast crashing all the internet sites.  So while my connection reset, I turned my TV on and checked the news channels which just had their normal 2:30 AM crap.

Once my internet was back up, I was able to get back the sites without issue.  Problem solved.  But I wonder if anyone else has similar thoughts when their internet goes down.  For weeks after 9/11, the first thing I did when I woke up was to turn on the news to see if something else had happened.  There was an expectation that something else would happen.  I guess that hasn’t gone away.


One Response to “Does anyone else think like this?”

  1. Hope you’re always writing elsewhere they copying and pasting on line, don’t want to lose your fine work!

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