Artificial Idiot

I’m a rarity these days in that I don’t have a cell phone.  The main reason I don’t is because I rarely use my land line.  But of course, the one day I do need to use it, I can’t even get a dial tone.  It’s a problem I’ve been having a lot lately, so I decided to finally tell my phone company.  I logged into their site, but didn’t see any obvious “Report your problem here” button.  I did see, however, their “Ask our virtual assistant for help” button.  So I clicked that and their virtual assistant asked what the problem was and I typed, “I have no dial tone.” The virtual assistant then gave me the phone number to call to report problems.  I again typed, “I have no dial tone,” and it replied with, “You’ve already asked that question, would you like me to repeat the answer?”


One Response to “Artificial Idiot”

  1. Would you like my cell phone? I could probably do with giving it someone more responsible! PS I have probs with those virtual assistants too. When my printer broke, all they’d tell me was the price of a new one! Not quite what I wanted.

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