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Check out “Rise”

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“Rise” is a stand alone story set in my Human Republic Universe.  The story follows some of the events after the tragic deaths of the colonists in a small colony in a distant star system. It’s normally available on Kindle for $0.99, but on Saturday January 19th, and Sunday January 20th, it will be free to download.  So be sure to check it out.


How many mistakes do you see?

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I was cleaning out my spam folder for my writing blog, when I came across something amusing.  This was posted in response to my post about my writing plans for the year.  I have no idea where Mexicans came into the picture, but I did find the phrase “look at your grammar” interesting.  You’ll have to click on it to see the full image.

grammarI counted seven grammatical mistakes in that post, and me no big on grammar.  How many can you spot?

I was on par with Shakespeare

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… but not as interesting as the boss’s daughter.


This is Amazon’s list of Best Selling Kindle Anthologies.  On the left, are the paid listings, while on the right is the listing for the free ones.  I was checking up on my free promotion for A Man of Few Words when I saw that.  Unfortunately, they updated the list a few minutes ago and now I’m surrounded by less interesting books.

Coming soon, “Rise”

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“Rise” is a short story set in my Human Republic Universe concerning the response to the tragic deaths of all the colonists of the Trident Colony.  I need to give the story another polish and format it for Kindle, but I should have all of that done by sometime next week.  So there will be more information on that coming soon.

In addition to promoting my new ebook, I also want to promote Sandra Giles of Words From Another World who designed the cover.  So while you wait for me to finish my part of the book, go check out what she has done.

A Man of Few Words

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This month, I’ve been working to push my first short story anthology, A Man of Few Words.  The link will take you to the page I’ve set up with the places where you can find it.  In addition, on January 11th and 12th, you will be able to download it for free on Kindle.  So circle those dates and be sure to check it out.

Challenge to truthers

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Some time ago, I had a bit of an online back and forth with a truther.  I eventually stopped because I have better things to do, but my brain kept thinking on it.  It eventually came up with a question I don’t believe truthers will be able to give a convincing answer to.  They’ll try, but it will sound just like their other theories.

Now, I know with conspiracy theories there are always versions designed to weasel around inconvenient facts, so this is the general version the truther I was talking to was pitching.  Phase One involved an unknown group of people going into the Twin Towers in the weeks or months before 9/11 to place demolition charges.  Part of the back and forth was me asking – repeatedly – how much explosives would have been needed to bring the towers down.  I figured it’s a basic element of the truther case and they should have a ready answer.  The reason I had to repeatedly ask this question was because the truther seemed unable – or unwilling – to give an answer.  Eventually, they said that studies had been done and I could look them up, or something like that.  I felt like replying that studies have been done that show explosives were not needed to bring the towers down, but like inconvenient facts, truthers weasel around inconvenient studies as well.

Phase Two of this truther’s 9/11 theory, was the whole airplane thing.  The planes hit, and then after an hour or so of people evacuating from the buildings, the explosives set in Phase One are set off to bring the towers down.  People are then to believe that the planes – not the explosives – caused the collapse.  And Phase Three was some nebulous idea of Bad Guys using the wars and tighter security measures or whatever to make money.

The challenge I have for truthers is this, why bother with Phase Two?  Once they had the buildings wired, why not wait until they were full and then blow them?  I don’t know how many people were able to evacuate between the time the airplanes hit and the buildings were “blown,” but if you cut out that evacuation time, a lot more people would have been killed.  And if they wanted to kill as many firefighters or cops as they could, they could have blown one, waited until everyone showed up to it, then blew the other.  But you ask, Who would believe terrorists would be able to demolish a building?  Who believed they had the skill to pull off four, simultaneous hijackings and then fly the planes into buildings?  Why would that be more believable?  Why did they think they needed the diversion of the whole plane thing?  If the truther terrorists were able to sneak hundreds, maybe thousands, of pounds of explosives passed building security and plant it, then surely they could plant evidence to make it look like Al Qaeda did it.  Plus, the idea that there are nutjobs out there who would fly a plane into a building is terrifying, but the idea that there are nutjobs out there with the knowledge and skill to topple any skyscraper – and they are still out there – is fucking terrifying.

So, by dropping the whole plane thing, they could have had a smaller operation which means few chances of things going wrong or them being found out, as well as fewer people who might later come forward, they could have killed more people generating even more fear and hatred, and with the culprits not being caught any time soon, they could have pushed through even more draconian security measures for the Bad Guys to make money off of.  So, why fly the planes in?  What did they gain by it?

On a related note, is the whole “The Pentagon was hit by a missile,” thing.  A terrorist group with access to missiles is more terrifying than one that flies planes into buildings.  So why, from the truther point of view, would the conspiracy want the terrorists to seem to have fewer resources?  Unless the conspiracy is just a wheel in a bigger conspiracy that the ultratruthers are playing on the truthers.

Artificial Idiot

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I’m a rarity these days in that I don’t have a cell phone.  The main reason I don’t is because I rarely use my land line.  But of course, the one day I do need to use it, I can’t even get a dial tone.  It’s a problem I’ve been having a lot lately, so I decided to finally tell my phone company.  I logged into their site, but didn’t see any obvious “Report your problem here” button.  I did see, however, their “Ask our virtual assistant for help” button.  So I clicked that and their virtual assistant asked what the problem was and I typed, “I have no dial tone.” The virtual assistant then gave me the phone number to call to report problems.  I again typed, “I have no dial tone,” and it replied with, “You’ve already asked that question, would you like me to repeat the answer?”