Demon moth!

It was around midnight and I was having some internet connection issues, so I unplugged my modem and sat back to wait and hope that cleared the problem up.  I had just leaned back in my chair when I heard something rattling my window.  I looked over and saw some winged thing flapping against the glass.  My first thought was that it was a bird, but then I saw it was a huge fucking moth.  I grabbed my camera and took some shots of it, and then realized it would help if I had my hand against the glass to give it a sense of scale.  So I took the picture below, and when I uploaded it from my camera, I realized it was a demon moth.

As I type this up, it’s still hanging on to the outside of the window.  It’s sitting there quietly while its smaller henchmen try to find a way in.  Should I be worried?


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