An interesting political insight

I had some time to think tonight and I realized that one of the reasons I won’t be voting for Mitt Romney this November is also one of the reasons I didn’t vote for Al Gore in 2000.  Remember back in the simpler days of the 2000 election, at one point Gore was talking at some factory or something and he mentioned that his mother used to sing him to sleep with some union song.  It was a lovely idea, but the song he mentioned wasn’t written until almost thirty years after he was born.  Saying an untrue thing because it sounds good – and hoping nobody fact checks you – is not leadership.  I’m not entirely sure what the term for that is, but I’m sure it helps explain why politics is part of the problem today and not part of the solution.  And I have to wonder, if you took away all the things Romney has said – just because they sounded good at the time – what would be left?


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