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It must not have been that good

Posted in Humor on February 23, 2012 by The Prince of Pithy

I was about to delete the spam from my spam folder, when the phrasing of the one message caught my eye:

You’d think I’d remember something like that.  I’ll admit, my memory isn’t the greatest, but I’m pretty good and remember stuff that happen yesterday.  And also, why would these strangers from who-knows-where have “the proof?”

Stuff like this just makes me shake my head.  Really, is it too much to ask the spammers to put some effort into their scams?  This reminds me of a story I wrote almost five years ago, “I Don’t Like Spam!” Check it out, it will take you back to those prehistoric days when MySpace was big.  😀



Read my story for free!

Posted in Books on February 18, 2012 by oneoveralpha

This weekend only, Kindle users can download my short, scifi story “Enigma” for free! So check it out, you’ve got nothing to lose.

I’m the answer

Posted in Humor with tags , on February 12, 2012 by The Prince of Pithy


My Klout profile, in case you’re curious.

I don’t think that’s what they meant

Posted in Humor, Odds on February 8, 2012 by The Prince of Pithy

I was watching TV and a car commercial came on.  They talked about their safety features and at one point they said something along the lines of what you do when nobody’s is what’s important.  Now I wasn’t enthralled watching commercials, I was doing other things.  When that line was said, I was scrapping dead skin off the bottom of my foot with a knife.