Updated website

For reasons too complicated and mundane for a blog, I haven’t been able to update my website for about six months.  But I’ve finally been able to update it in the last couple of days.  The updates are mostly simple things – like the blurbs and links to the few stories I’ve posted the last few months – but I’ve also updated the page for my next book, The All-You-Can-Read Buffet.  Before, it had pretty much just been a page with the title, but now I have the working cover, book blurb, and content list.  So check that out.

The other change I’ve made is to add a PayPal Donate button on the main page.  For the longest time I put off doing something like that because it seemed … desperate?  But I figured it would be better to have it and have no one use it than have someone want to give me money and them not being able to.  So I’m not asking for donations; I’m just letting you know I’ll take them.  😀


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