There be dragons. Maybe. I don’t know

One of the best things about moving is finding things you had forgotten about.  For example, a notebook I had started years ago.  There was a guy where I worked who was a Born Again Christian and we would often talk.  Usually about non-religious stuff, but on occasion the conversation would go that way.  I got the impression he was trying to convert me, so I decided I should try to convert him, so I started a notebook of things to try.  Unfortunately, probably a few weeks after I started this notebook, he got a better job offer, so I never got much to put in my notebook.

Now the reason I’m writing this blog is because of something that happened with this guy.  At one point he asked me to read the Book of Revelation.  I had tried to read the Bible before, but had never gotten very far because it’s dry and boring: So-and-so begat So-and-so, who begat So-and-so, who ad nauseam.  So – after several prompts – I started reading it.  The end of the book isn’t much better than the beginning.  I was still part way through when we talked next and he asked me what I thought.  I said I wasn’t impressed.  “Isn’t it scary,” he asked.  “No.” He then asked if I had gotten to the part with the dragon.  I had not, so he told me to read that part and then we’d talk again.

The part with the dragon – in case you forgot – is Revelation 12:3.  In my King James Version it reads:

And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.

After I read the part with the dragon (who I guess is supposed to be Satan), I went back and talked to him.  He asked if I was scared now, and I said, “No.” I told him it was my understanding, that Revelation had been written in code for Christians of the third century who were being oppressed by Rome, not for the people of today.  It was to be read symbolically not literally.  He wasn’t sure about that, so I asked him if he seriously believed that during the end of the world, a dragon with seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns would physically appear.  He didn’t answer me, and it was my impression that question had never occurred to him before.  We only had a few more conversations after that before he left for his new job, so I never got an answer to my question, which is why I gave this post the title I did.


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