Conflicted by 9/11

I had planned on writing up a blog about what I did on 9-11.  I started writing it out, but after a few paragraphs I ran into problems, in large part because I just sat on my ass and watched it all on TV.  It’s tough to expand that into several paragraphs.  Another problem I had was that I was just a distant, faceless, spectator; I didn’t know anyone who died.  Part of me felt that by trying to “make something” out of sitting on my ass and watching TV, I was trying to step out from the distant, faceless, crowd into territory where I don’t belong.  Anniversaries should belong to the people directly affected.  Some may say that by not making a big deal out of it I’m belittling the memory of the victims, but I say I’m not sticking my nose into other people’s tragedy.  And to those who say that I should take the time to remember because it changed the world, I say, “Why should a world changing event be thought of just once a year?” I’m willing to face the social and political ramifications of that event any day of the year, but again, the anniversary should belong to those directly affected.  That’s why I waited until after the anniversary to post this blog instead of trying to catch the wave of blogs about 9/11.


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