Tidbits of history

The easy part of my move is over, now I have to figure out where to put all of my stuff.  Included in my stuff are several boxes of VHS tapes.  Most of them are probably ten to fifteen years old, but I’m going through them anyway to see what I can get rid off and what I should keep.  I’ve heard that some places will take VHS tapes for recycling, but I haven’t had luck finding such places.  If you know of any – especially in northwestern PA – let me know.  Some of the tapes I know I can get rid off, like the ones I used to tape all five seasons of Babylon 5 (I now have the DVDs).  Other tapes I know I need to hang on, for now at least, like the ones with all three seasons of Tour of Duty.  But I also have many unmarked tapes.  So I’ve started watching one or two a day.  The first tape I watched had a grainy, bad sound, censored for TV version of History of the World, Part 1.  While fast-forwarding to see what was taped after it (a grainy, bad sound, censored for TV version of Mars Attacks!) I came across some old commercials.  It was weird.  For example, I saw a commercial for one of those beds where you can adjust the firmness, and I swear I had seen it recently.  Possibly – since I don’t think the technology has changed that much – they just used the same basic script, but with newer actors.  But they could probably rerun it today, and you’d just tune it out like all the others.  There was however, something very noticeable about the commercial that ran after that one.  It was a phone commercial.  Nowadays, phone commercials are all about how you can watch movies, shop online, and the other 800,000 things you can do with phones now.  But back in the day of VCRs, phones were just things you used to talk to other people.  That was it.  The commercial I saw was of two sisters who lived in different states, but they would call and spend hours talking.  You saw one sister standing in her kitchen laughing while holding something smaller than a breadbox up to her ear.  You then saw the other sister lounging on her couch while her phone had a curly cord that ran off somewhere off screen.  That got me thinking, When was the last phone commercial that showed a corded phone?  It also got me thinking, Am I really that old?


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