The Amazingly Flexible Apartment

Just over six years ago, I was apartment hunting and I was shown what would become my apartment.  The previous resident was still living there and the place looked cramped, but that was because he had a lot of stuff packed in there.  I thought, Oh, this is more than enough space for all of my stuff.
A few weeks later I signed a one-year lease and received my keys.  I walked into my apartment and … swore.  It was so small.  I won’t be able to fit everything in hereWhat the hell am I going to do?  I felt like storming back to the office and demanding to know what happened to the apartment they showed me, because this one looked half the size.
But I soon calmed down.  I had made my bed, now I’d have to lie in it, assuming it even fit.  But as I began to move stuff in, I don’t know if the apartment grew or if my furniture shrank, because everything fit.  Not only did it fit, I still had room.  It was very weird.
Now, the process has reversed.  At one point while I packed I tweeted that my apartment must have hidden dimensions, because it seemed no matter how much stuff I packed, there was still more stuff to pack.  But I finally got ahead of my stuff, and my apartment began to look empty.  As long as I kept a box or two for last minute things, my apartment seemed to remain the same size.  But once it was empty, it seemed to have shrunk back to that tiny little thing I walked into six years ago.

My apartment, about a year ago


My apartment, as I left it for the last time


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