Pissed at Comcast

I have Comcast for phone, cable, and internet.  Except for a monumental screw up when I first got it, maybe six years ago, I haven’t had any complaints.  (That monumental screw up is too long of a story for here.)  Anyway, I’m m0ving, so I called them today to terminate my account NEXT WEEK.  That should have been straightforward.  Now, probably five minutes after I hung up with them, my system reboots.  I still have phone and cable, but I couldn’t get on the internet.  I’d go to Google and a screen would come up saying I needed to create an Xfinity account or whatever.  I didn’t want Xfinity.  I just wanted what I’ve had for the past six years for six more days.  So I had to go through this 27 step process to create an Xfinity account, including about eight attempts to find a username that hadn’t all ready been taken.  I went through several variations of “fuckyoucomcast” until I just went “asdfasdfasdfa” which finally worked.  Once that was done, I had to download something and install it, which my malware software didn’t like.  In the end, it said it was incomplete, but I can get online again.  Of course, I have the stupid Xfinity thing across the top of the screen.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to clean all this crap up once I move.


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