Be gone foul little herald

I dislike alarm clocks.  I’m someone who needs to slowly wake up over an hour or so.  If I’m sound asleep and then some damn thing makes a loud, annoying noise that jolts me out of bed, that’s the opposite of slowly waking up over an hour or so.  I’ve written a few poems about alarm clocks over the years and in one I described one as a “foul little herald whose cry destroys kingdoms.”

Well, yesterday was my last day at work, so I no longer have a reason to keep this foul herald around.  I am getting together with friends today, so I needed to make sure I was up, but I don’t see this situation coming up anytime soon.  So, about a minute ago, I unplugged my alarm clock.  When I have time, I’ll throw it in a box of stuff I’m packing up.  If I’m lucky, I may only ever use it again as just a clock.


One Response to “Be gone foul little herald”

  1. YAY! Congratulations and wish I could do the same.

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