I’ve been busy

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. The first time MESSENGER flew by Mercury in January 2008, I wrote the story “Impacts.” For the second flyby in October 2008, I wrote the story “Small Step.” I’m pretty sure I sent out a tweet linked to those stories when MESSENGER flew by a third time in September 2009. But now that MESSENGER has gone into orbit around Mercury – the first spacecraft ever to do so – I just wrote up this blog. 😀 As I said, I’ve been busy.


One Response to “I’ve been busy”

  1. well, now what should I say? I have written a bunch of short stories and don’t have a clue if they are Kindle material. The thing is , even if they are accepted, and your short stories have been, is there any money to be made in this business of writing. I hope I am not intruding and hope you will give a rookie some advice. thank you.

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