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I’m a CFO?

Posted in Humor, Odds, Writing on February 25, 2011 by oneoveralpha

Empire Avenue has started a new way to rank people in various indexes. I don’t pretend to fully understand the purpose of it, but two cool things came from it. I set up a Empire Avenue profile for my book A Man of Few Words. Well, it is a Vice-President in the Writing Index. Even cooler, my personal account is the CFO. What does all that mean? I don’t know. But it should give me some visibility, which is always good.


Ready for your examination?

Posted in Odds, Writing on February 21, 2011 by The Prince of Pithy

The good kind, I won’t need gloves for this. At least, I hope not.

After a friend told me on numerous occasions that I should write for, I finally got around and signed up for it. Back at the beginning of February, I became the King of Prussia Writing Examiner. Basically, I’ll give out quick writing exercises, writing tips, other writing stuff. I haven’t really been promoting it because I felt I should build up a foundation of articles so people could get a feel for what I’d be writing about. At least, that was the plan. I have several articles that I need to polish up, but I’ve been caught up in a few other things lately. But I’m announcing this now to give people a head’s up and so they can start checking it out.

Aliens make more sense

Posted in Humor, Odds, Religion, TV on February 5, 2011 by The Prince of Pithy

As part of my writing groups, I’ve had to critique works by these “one with the universe” people. Usually, I just grit my teeth and focus on stuff like grammar, and just ignore what they’re saying because to me it’s all gobbledygook. But recently as I read though one of these works, there were phrases that reminded me of scenes from Babylon 5 and Star Trek: The Next Generation. This got me thinking, and I realized that if a person had walked up to me and said this:

I’d walk away from them, and hope that they would get the counseling or medication they needed. But since it’s an alien saying it, it almost makes sense.

I missed the memo

Posted in Humor, Odds on February 1, 2011 by The Prince of Pithy

The Navy has a commercial where they mention the “five oceans.” Five oceans, I thought. Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic, Indian …. What the hell’s the fifth ocean? I was starting to feel like an idiot. So I went to Wikipedia and found out the fifth ocean is … The Southern Ocean, even though some question its existence. Makes me wonder what else I’ve missed since I’ve left elementary school.