Is it still evolution?

I’m working on a story where one of the characters is a woman from the distant future. She describes herself as a “human/plant/cyborg hybrid.” I just came back from a writing critique group where someone asked – in regards to a later scene – if she considers herself as a human. My knee-jerk reaction was that Homo sapiens are her ancestors. But driving home I played out her – probable – ancestry. What probably happened was at some point the people took the human genome and used it as a template. They made their changes, then entered it into their fabricator which grabbed whatever proteins and amino acids it needed and built a body. Built several bodies, actually. And these grew, and breed, and evolved on their own, eventually leading to my character. So the question is, if there’s a physical discontinuity, can we still be considered her ancestors? Or, did her ancestors begin with the created bodies? But those created bodies used humans as templates, so what does that mean?

On another topic, if the machine element in her makeup is based on organic technology, does that still count as a cyborg?


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