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That’s a fortune?

Posted in Humor, Odds on January 30, 2011 by The Prince of Pithy

I had Chinese for lunch. This was my fortune:

Of course, my first thought was, That should be “called.”


Playtime genocide

Posted in Humor on January 28, 2011 by The Prince of Pithy

On one hand this is cool, but they need to make an adult sized one made out of metal with functioning weapons. On the other hand, I mean, yes I played war and cowboys and indians as a kid, but I thought “violent” stuff was frowned upon now. What happens when one of these kids goes to school and chases someone yelling, “Exterminate!”

Three things I’ve learned from commercials

Posted in Humor, Odds on January 28, 2011 by The Prince of Pithy

1) Apparently, doctors never read medical histories. It seems like in every medicine commercial – after the three minutes of possible side effects – they state, “Tell your doctor if you’ve had liver failure.” Shouldn’t that be something your doctor should already know?

2) If your neighbor looses a loved one and you go over to offer comfort, they will go on a ten minute spiel about how expensive the funeral was and how great their loved one’s life insurance was.

3) And of course the old favorite, husbands and boyfriends are idiots.

Mind over matter

Posted in Humor, Odds on January 27, 2011 by The Prince of Pithy

This morning I had a dream where – for some reason – I was at work in my bare feet. There was a large shard of glass on the floor and it ended up in my big toe. I had to pull it out. I know it was just a dream, but I do have an odd sensation in my big toe. Question, do any of you have an odd sensation now?

Looks like …

Posted in Humor, Odds on January 21, 2011 by The Prince of Pithy

One of the tests I run at work involves taking a little, plastic film filter, putting it into a holder, then drawing a sample through it with a vacuum. Sometimes, the filter can crinkle in the holder. Well, I ran one today, and this is what it looked like afterwards:

My first thought was, That’s Ood. 😀

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A sane being would know better

Posted in Humor, Odds, Rant, Writing on January 12, 2011 by The Prince of Pithy

A few hours ago I contemplated tweeting a link to my story “The Duh Age” as commentary on dealing with the snow, but it didn’t fully fit so I didn’t. But I just got back from cleaning about three inches of snow off my car (that’s three inches less I’ll have to worry about in the morning) and I thought that a sane being would know better. They wouldn’t get up early to clean off a car and set out on slick roads with the naive hope that the other drivers won’t be in a panic, just so they could go to work. They’d sleep in, spend the day in their warm apartments and not fight the elements. I want to be a sane being.

Fear the aliens. Really?

Posted in Astronomy, Science, Spaceflight on January 11, 2011 by The Prince of Pithy

I was killing some time at work today when I saw this article: “Study: If We’re Not Alone, We Should Fear the Aliens.” I was shaking my head before I even read it. Once I did start reading it, I wanted to smack anybody who thinks this. The basic point of the referenced paper in the article is: “Either we’re alone, or any aliens out there are acquisitive and resource-hungry, just like us.”

I doubt we are alone for the simple reason that we can’t be it. The stuff for life is everywhere in the universe, and given enough time, life should develop. Given more time, that life should become intelligent. I can’t prove that there is life out there, but the odds are for it.

Now, the real issue I have is people who believe that any aliens out there will be “resource-hungry.” As I said almost a year ago when Stephen Hawking brought this subject up:

First, if these aliens are so advanced, wouldn’t you think they would have figured out how to recycle? Mining an occasional comet or asteroid for certain materials is understandable, but – bad scifi movies aside – why would they have an insatiable thirst for raw materials?

Second, in all of human history we have only landed twelve people on the moon, but every day untold millions of condoms are used. Isn’t it likely, that long before these aliens figured out how to warp time and space to travel interstellar distances, they would have figured out how to not have baby aliens? Wouldn’t their ships have stable populations, and with recycling (and an occasional comet or asteroid) wouldn’t they already have the materials they need? Or are you suggesting they don’t do family planning because of some Space Pope, so their population is exploding which is why they have to consume everything?

A third option which I didn’t think of then, is, would aliens waste their precious resources on worthless crap? The next time you go shopping, look at all the products produced for the sake of looking good or following the latest celebrity inspired fashion and ask yourself, Is that the best use that could have been done with those resources?

Why can’t people accept that any advanced aliens out there will be smarter than us? Or, that they will have different values than us? In my Human Republic Universe, the spacefaring race that makes Contact with us are the Pentans. Now, one of the interesting things about the Pentans is that – unlike what we humans will do – they have no colonies. They don’t go out and find a Class P planet and set up a colony, because they don’t want to disturb whatever lifeforms may call that planet home. It may be a billion years before the scum looks up at the stars in wonder, but the Pentans don’t want to destroy that chance. They just mine asteroids and comets to build ships, and they live in their ships, in space stations, or back on their homeworld. Why couldn’t real aliens do that?