Learn to pass

Each roundtrip home, I travel some 350 miles on the interstate. It seems that each trip, I see the same thing: people in cars who appear to not be able to pass semis. This is how I think it happens. Some schmuck has their cruise control on and it’s set about half-a-mph faster than a semi is going. So they slowly creep up behind the semi. Then the schmuck thinks, I ought to pass that guy, so they hit their turn signal (maybe) and move over to the left lane. They then wait while that half-a-mph takes them passed the semi. Meanwhile, someone like me comes up behind them and I have to turn my cruise control off because there’s a semi in the right lane and the schmuck in the left and there’s no place for me to go. I check out the scenery for a mile or so, and when the schmuck has finally passed the semi, I hit the gas and buzz by both in a matter of seconds. Apparently, the schmuck doesn’t realize that you can hit the gas while the cruise control is on to go faster so you can quickly pass people, and once you’re done you can take your foot off the gas and you’ll go back to whatever your cruise control was set at. At least that’s how all the cruise controls I’ve used have worked. Maybe they’re too busy yakking on their phone to realize they’re holding up everyone behind them. Or maybe they’re just schmucks.

Now, there is one case I can think of where it’s okay to hang back from passing a semi. That’s when there is an onramp coming up and I – being a considerate driver – will hang back to leave the semi room to move over in case someone is coming up the ramp. If no one is, then I hit the gas and pass normally.


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