Annoying car commercials

In the last few weeks I’ve seen I don’t know how many car commercials where someone buys somebody a car. They pop up ever year, and they always annoy me because they’re so unrealistic. If someone bought me a car, I’d be like, “Really? I mean, that’s nice and all, but shouldn’t I have given it a test drive? What if I don’t like the color? And when I’ve bought my two cars, I had to sign like twenty papers, so do I ‘own’ the car yet, or do I still have papers to sign?” (As I’m typing this up, there was just one of these commercials on.) I know, they’re just stupid commercials and not something I should get worked up about, but every time I see one I groan a little.

Now to be fair, I did once semi-seriously consider buying someone a car. It was for an ex-girlfriend. About a month or so after we started dating, she totaled her car. She was more-or-less unemployed at the time, so she couldn’t afford to buy a replacement. Things were going bad between us going in to Valentine’s Day (we broke up a week before) and in a bad mood I considered that she would only be happy if I suffered in some fashion. So the idea of buying her a car popped into my mind, in that I would suffer in spending money I didn’t really have to spare. Now, in my defense, I felt that even if I bought her a junker that she could only drive across town to the supermarket, it would give her a small sense of independence by not having to wait for me or her parents to take her. But I’m still bugged by these commercials where people give new cars as gifts.


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