Have I just grown cynical with age or was I naïve as a kid?

I prefer to listen to music while I drive. Unfortunately, my CD is stuck in my player and I haven’t had a chance to fix it. So, for the past few days I’ve had to listen to the radio. (The horror.) Tonight, while flipping through the stations to find something decent, I came across a song that I probably hadn’t heard for over a decade. I remembered that as a kid I would sit on my bed, with the volume up on my Walkman listening to this song and feeling like I was connecting to some primal meaning. Listening to it today I thought, Man, this is so bland. And I wondered which was bigger, my naive liking of the song or my cynical disliking?

Of course when the next song (which is still good) came on I thought, I remember watching this video on MTV. That just made me feel old.


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