I just got back from my evening walk.  In the last ten minutes of the walk, I had three encounters with skunks.  The first, I just happened to look down and there was a skunk under a car about six feet from me.  It looked like it was thinking about mooning me, so I quickly backed away.  The second I just saw crossing the parking lot about fifty feet in front of me.  But the last was the really annoying one.  From the parking lot, there’s a tree and shrub lined sidewalk that leads to the apartment’s lobby.  I had just turned down this sidewalk when I looked up and saw a skunk sauntering towards me.  So I backed up to the parking lot – where two women walked by probably wondering what the hell I was doing –  and I waited for the skunk to get out of the way.  Of course, the skunk stopped at the end of the sidewalk and looked at me.  So I had to wait twenty/thirty seconds for the skunk to move aside and let me pass.

One reason I miss living in the country; if you have a bunch of skunks around, you can shoot them.  Yes, it stinks for a while, but the problem goes away.  But I’m sure if you started shooting skunks around an apartment complex, your problems would just be starting.


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