Qur’an burning

Do people have the right to burn the Qur’an?  Yes.  Just like people have the right to burn bibles, On the Origin of Species, or whatever book your opposition holds dear.  Now, having said that, I’ve tried to stay away from the whole Pastor Jones thing because I see his Qur’an burning event as just a publicity stunt.  And not a good one either.  This is almost in the same league as fading starlets going out on the town without wearing underwear.  I see the way to deal with such people is to either ignore them or mock them.  But, I was thinking about this whole issue last night and I came up with, not something new, but a new way of phrasing it.  It started with flag burning.  It seems that whenever someone around the world wants to protest the US, they burn an American flag.  Why?  Seriously, take a moment and consider what purpose that has?  The answer I came up with is that it is a quick, cheap, simpleminded way to express anger.  That’s it.  I mean, you don’t see any guys – in the midst of a mob – sit on a stool, strum their guitar and say, “Here’s a little song I wrote about why I hate America.” You don’t see people putting on one-act plays on the sides of mobs.  Stuff like that takes effort.  Destroying stuff your opponents hold dear is the vuvuzela of political discourse.


One Response to “Qur’an burning”

  1. Yes, people have the right to choose the path of self-destruction.

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