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A tad disturbing

Posted in Humor, Odds on September 28, 2010 by The Prince of Pithy

My apartment has a small balcony.  The apartments above me and to the side have balconies as well.  A few years ago I came home and found a flip-flop lying in the middle of my balcony, which, confused me for a moment.  How did that get there?  I figured someone a few floors up have dropped it, and it bounced off the railing.  Problem solved, I was able to find it amusing.  Now today when I came home for lunch, I saw this lying right by the door leading out to my balcony.

Okay.  We did have a heavy storm move through a few hours ago, so I guess it could have blown in from … somewhere.



Posted in Odds, Rant on September 22, 2010 by The Prince of Pithy

I just got back from my evening walk.  In the last ten minutes of the walk, I had three encounters with skunks.  The first, I just happened to look down and there was a skunk under a car about six feet from me.  It looked like it was thinking about mooning me, so I quickly backed away.  The second I just saw crossing the parking lot about fifty feet in front of me.  But the last was the really annoying one.  From the parking lot, there’s a tree and shrub lined sidewalk that leads to the apartment’s lobby.  I had just turned down this sidewalk when I looked up and saw a skunk sauntering towards me.  So I backed up to the parking lot – where two women walked by probably wondering what the hell I was doing –  and I waited for the skunk to get out of the way.  Of course, the skunk stopped at the end of the sidewalk and looked at me.  So I had to wait twenty/thirty seconds for the skunk to move aside and let me pass.

One reason I miss living in the country; if you have a bunch of skunks around, you can shoot them.  Yes, it stinks for a while, but the problem goes away.  But I’m sure if you started shooting skunks around an apartment complex, your problems would just be starting.

Ikky Ikky Ukky Ukky

Posted in Humor, Music, Odds on September 14, 2010 by The Prince of Pithy

I had a song stuck in my head all afternoon.  It was a song I probably haven’t heard for several years.  Now, you can have it stuck in your head.  😛

Qur’an burning

Posted in Politics, Religion on September 11, 2010 by The Prince of Pithy

Do people have the right to burn the Qur’an?  Yes.  Just like people have the right to burn bibles, On the Origin of Species, or whatever book your opposition holds dear.  Now, having said that, I’ve tried to stay away from the whole Pastor Jones thing because I see his Qur’an burning event as just a publicity stunt.  And not a good one either.  This is almost in the same league as fading starlets going out on the town without wearing underwear.  I see the way to deal with such people is to either ignore them or mock them.  But, I was thinking about this whole issue last night and I came up with, not something new, but a new way of phrasing it.  It started with flag burning.  It seems that whenever someone around the world wants to protest the US, they burn an American flag.  Why?  Seriously, take a moment and consider what purpose that has?  The answer I came up with is that it is a quick, cheap, simpleminded way to express anger.  That’s it.  I mean, you don’t see any guys – in the midst of a mob – sit on a stool, strum their guitar and say, “Here’s a little song I wrote about why I hate America.” You don’t see people putting on one-act plays on the sides of mobs.  Stuff like that takes effort.  Destroying stuff your opponents hold dear is the vuvuzela of political discourse.

Flugtag vs. Beck

Posted in Odds, Politics, Rant, Religion on September 8, 2010 by The Prince of Pithy

No one seems to know how many people went to the Beck rally last month.  I did see an article that gave various estimates.  Let’s go with the unofficial, National Parks Service estimate of 300,000.

Last weekend the Flugtag was in Philadelphia.  The estimated crowd was 85,000.

So, for about every four people who went to see Beck, one person went to watch people, basically, jump into a river.  Interesting.

How true

Posted in Humor, Odds, Rant, Science on September 3, 2010 by The Prince of Pithy

This is from Pundit Kitchen.

A song for today

Posted in Odds on September 2, 2010 by The Prince of Pithy

Today when I went home for lunch, Metallica’s “The Frayed Ends of Sanity” played on my CD player, and it just fit my mood.  I wanted to find either a music video (if one was made for it) or a good live performance.  But after a quick search on YouTube, all I found were sucky videos.  So you can just play this and let it run in the background.  😀