Do the Republican leaders … think?

I almost titled this “Do Republicans … think?” but that is unfair to the millions of honest, hard-working Republicans out there.  The Republican leadership however, is a bunch of morons.  Instead of dealing with a problem – say immigration reform – directly, they want to make a show by mucking around with the 14th Amendment.

Okay.  Let’s play “What if?” What if these Republicans do change the 14th Amendment so it doesn’t apply to those born of illegal immigrants.  Then what?  Will all these “un-citizened” people magically vanish?  NO!  They will still be here!  How will that solve … anything?  Seriously?  I mean, you will take untold thousands of people who – right now – are American citizens, and you will turn them into … illegals?  This will make the problem worse.

I know, I know, you’re saying, “It won’t be retroactive.” How do you know?  Do you know the course this will take?

I’m not a political guy, but come on, I figured this out.  What the hell are those schmucks in DC doing?


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