Escher puzzle update 1

I recently started a 1000 piece puzzle of M. C. Escher’s “Relativity.”

For fun I tweeted about it and I got some comments on my Facebook.  So I was looking at it this morning and I figured that since it’s going to take awhile to finish this, I ought to make periodic updates on my progress for my fans.  😀

Probably the first thing I need to mention is my search for a space big enough for the puzzle.   My table wasn’t big enough to hold it.  I tried duct taping some pieces of cardboard together but that wasn’t smooth enough.  I was just going to put it together on the floor when I noticed that the side of one of my filing cabinets would be big enough.  So I emptied it out and tipped it over.  So, after three or four days of work, this is how far I am:

All that’s left are some 800 pieces that look like this:

Wish me luck.


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