Walking can be dangerous

Last night I went for a nostalgic walk around a town I lived in for a year.  I had planned on writing up a blog about it, but I think most of my experiences last night are rather nebulous and things nobody would care about.  But I did have on heart-stopping moment, which I think you’ll find amusing.

A little background first.  I started taking late night walks in college.  They’re a way for me to burn off nervous energy and a way to let my mind wander.  On my college walks, I found a nice intersection with little traffic.  I’ll state that again as a CYA, at midnight or 1AM, there is rarely, if any traffic at this intersection.  What I would do is stand in the middle, where the yellow lines would cross.  It’s an odd sensation.  I liken it to Dead Poets Society where he tells the students to stand on their desks to get a slightly different view of the room.  Standing in the middle of an intersection is a different view of the streets than you normally have.

Anyway, in the town I was walking around, there’s one street where a railroad crosses.  As I approached it, I couldn’t remember if I had ever stood in the middle of that intersection.  Of course, as soon as I decided to do it, I saw a car approaching.  Being intelligent, I decided to wait until it passed.  When it passed, I saw that it was a cop car.  So I then waited for it to turn at the next block and be out of sight before I stepped out into the middle of the road.

When I got to the middle, I looked up the yellow lines of the street.  I turned to my left and looked down the tracks.  I turned to my left and looked down the yellow lines in the other direction.  I turned to my left and THERE WAS A FUCKING TRAIN A 100 FEET AWAY!  It was parked there, but I did not know that for the first millisecond.  It was parked far enough back from the street that I hadn’t seen it walking towards the intersection, and then I had been watching the cop car, so I hadn’t looked in that direction.

After several curses, I figured that was enough excitement for one night.  I could just see the headlines, “Man frightened to death by parked train.”


One Response to “Walking can be dangerous”

  1. I always thought that if you looked for something long enough, eventually you’d stumble upon it. However it turns out that sometimes you find the exact opposite. Its the way the universe tells you you’re on the wrong track. And a parked train can be more menacing than a speeding one.
    Good story!

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