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This is a clip from The Critic episode “Miserable.” There’s a joke right after this that I enjoy (no offense to the booksellers I know) but I couldn’t find a clip with that. So here’s a link to the whole scene, which I couldn’t figure out how to embed with WordPress. There’s also a good joke later on in the episode involving the display.


After several years of off-and-on work, my collection of flash fiction stories A Man of Few Words is now for sale. Woohoo! You can buy it from my CreateSpace estore (which gives me a higher royalty, FYI :D) or from I’ve also put in an order for some books which I will be selling myself, but they won’t arrive for another week or so.

I had almost hoped that after all the work writing the stories, polishing up the stories, getting the manuscript all worked out and everything, that I’d be able to relax and start work on my next collection. Then I realized, I have to sell the damn thing now. There’s always something.


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