What will it take for a better future?

I’m writing a story where one of the characters is writing a book, Smacked Upside the Globe about getting humanity onto a better path. Here are the two little excerpts I’ve had to write for the story:

Before humanity can set aside our petty squabbles and unite for a wondrous future, we’ll need to get kicked in the ass. Only an extreme disaster – something that threatens everyone – will overrule self-interest.

It is my hope that someday soon, a small asteroid will be found on a collision course with Earth. Not because I’m a psychopath looking to get off on the fear and misery such an event will cause, but because the only way forward is for humanity to unite. And a common threat may be the only way to achieve that. Our future is among the stars and we need to stop looking inward and start looking outward.

While this works for the story I’m writing, I hate to admit there may be a lot of truth to it. Is there another way forward?


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