I see the Central Bureaucracy is alive and kicking

I received a letter today from US Census Bureau telling me that I should receive the 2010 Census form in about a week. It reminded me of a scene in the Futurama episode “How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back.” Hermes receives a message stating he would soon receive a message from the Central Bureaucracy. A second message arrives, and he’s surprised because it’s from the Central Bureaucracy.

If, just out of the blue, the 2010 Census form arrived in my mail, I would go, “I guess it is census time,” and I would fill it out and mail it back within a week or so. All the commercials and this one week warning WON’T CHANGE THAT. Call me cynical, but I thing the vast majority of the American public fall into one of two categories. The first, people like me, would fill out the form even without the government begging us to do so. The second group is people who will just throw the form away despite the government begging them to fill it out. So, are all those commercials and mailings worth it?

PS. Something else I just noticed. The letter was dated today. I didn’t think the Post Office was that fast.


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