Both parties suck, so then what?

I have no party affiliation because both parties suck (although, in my opinion, Republicans suck far worse than the Democrats.) But what can be done? Remember the Reform Party from years ago? I didn’t get all choked up about it because I knew if it ever became a major party it would just end up just as corrupt and worthless as the other two. I see the same future for the Tea Party if it ever gets off the ground. So do we just sit back and accept that the system doesn’t work and there’s nothing we can do about it?

Years ago I figured what needed to be done was to lock all the Congressional leaders in a room and say, “You’re not being let out until you come up with a balanced budget.” They’d bitch and moan, but then they’d be locked in with a supply of bread and water. Eventually, when they actually did their jobs, they’d be let out. But before they could pat themselves on the back they’d be locked in another room until they fixed health care. And so on and so on through all the problems facing the country. It’s a nice idea, but locking up members of Congress is probably illegal. So what do we do?

It’s been over a decade since I switch from being a Republican to having no party affiliation. At the time I thought I was being rebellious (I think my entire family is Republican) but over the past few years I’ve come to the realization that I was just blaming the system without providing a practical fix. That’s the biggest problem, no one is providing a practical fix. But what can be done? I’ve written political stories to get people thinking (“And So It Begins,” “Candidate C,” “History Will Forget,” and others) but what more can I do? I’m not cut out for running for office and I wouldn’t want to get bogged down in the devilish details of helping someone else run, even if I found someone I found worthy. So what do I do?

I’ll just end this here before it gets more rambly. In time I may clean up some of these thoughts.


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