An early end to an ill-advised experiment

Over the years I’ve heard several stories of people taking a picture of themselves each day for a year. I thought of this in December and figured, I ought to try it. Well, I made it through January, but I’m going to stop because it’s not working.

I foolishly decided that I would take a picture of myself each morning before I left for work. Unfortunately, in just about all the photos I have a dazed, eyes half-closed, “I don’t want to do this” look. Which is understandable since in most of the photos I’ve only been up for about ten minutes. Of the 31 photos, this is the best one:

and that’s because it was taken on the 10th, a Sunday, probably sometime in the afternoon after I’d been awake for a few hours. If I try to do this again, I’ll probably wait to take the photos until I get home from work.


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