Something to ponder

I probably have over twenty bookmarks. A few are fancy with flair, which I just use to spruce up my bookshelves. Most are simple thin cardboard – either plain or laminated – printed with logos for companies or events. Some I’ve had for a decade or more, and they are bent or faded or torn and I wonder how do you tell when it’s time to throw them away? Technically, as long as there is something with which you can use to mark your place in a book, it’s still a bookmark. If you rip a bookmark in half, you end up with two bookmarks.

I think I did throw a bookmark away about a year ago. It had seen its way through many a book, and I think it was on the verge of disintegrating. I threw it away mainly so I could start working on another bookmark.

What? You were expected something profound on a blog?


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