Over the years I’ve often wondered what I was.  An atheist?  A secular humanist?  A bright?  None seem to fully fit.  Recently, I figured out the best description of me is a Realist.  I accept the real world as described by science and reason.  Some will say that’s all find and dandy, but what about purpose?  My usual reply had been, “Why does there need to be ‘a purpose?’” While that is still a valid answer/question, I have come up with another answer.

Living in reality, I see that humanity has but two options: Evolution or Extinction.  By that I mean we can either embrace the Future, spread out amongst the stars, and over the millennia evolve beyond Homo sapiens, or we can stay here and fall to our own ignorance.  My purpose is to try to push humanity one millimeter close to this Future, leaving the world a better place than I found it.  Some will say those are lovely words, but what do they mean?  What does it mean when others use flowery language to describe their versions of the purpose of life?  Say I found glorious happiness or whatever.  If humanity then became extinct and everything about us fell into dust, what would have been the point?

So I embark to push humanity forward, but I face competition.  There are psychopaths out there who want Humans to be extinct, but their numbers are few (I hope).  My competition is mostly groups and individuals who instead of forward push humanity sideways, largely (I believe) in a quest for power for themselves or those like them.  I don’t want to put it in terms of you’re either with me or against me.  They’re not pulling us back from the Future, but they are diverting energies from the forward motion.  This results with them acting as a dead weight holding humanity back.

Since it is wise to keep track of what your competition is up to, so I’ve added a “Competition” section over with my blogroll, etc.  This is an incomplete list, but who will end up on it?  Outright hate groups like the KKK and – if they had an official website – Al-Qaeda, pseudoscience like the Discovery Institute and the moon hoaxers, and religious groups like Scientologist and the Vatican.  Now, pushing humanity sideways for your own goals is very common; most – if not all – groups engage in it to some extent.  But some groups only push sideways 99% of the time.  The other 1% is in the “Right” direction as I define it, so I cut them some slack.  Every little bit helps.

Finally, who the hell am I to say what the “Right” direction for humanity is?  I’m a guy with a blog, damn it!  Listen to me!  😛  Seriously, good question.  I’m not the tyrant Leto II out to set humanity upon the Golden Path, (I’ve been reading the Dune series for the past few months) although the idea of spreading humanity far and wide so that it would survive is basically my … hope, I don’t think I can call it a plan.  I believe it all comes back to Evolution or Extinction.  In my judgment, these groups work against Evolution, which only poor planning or concerted, psychotic effort could defeat.  It will triumph over all else.  That is reality, and I’m a realist.


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