A step in the wrong direction

A few times a week I go for a walk to burn off some energy, let my mind wander, etc. Especially now in the summer, I prefer doing this at night when it’s cooler. Well, I just came back from a walk where I realized something rather depressing, and a tad disturbing.

For my walks I usually just go around the apartment complex where I live. There is a narrow driveway into the main parking lot and while I was walking down it a car pulled in, so I stepped over onto the grass. I immediately noticed that the grass was softer and cooler than the pavement. But after two or three steps I had to ask myself, When was the last time I walked in grass? For several minutes I was really worried thinking it had been back in June when some friends had a cookout and I walked around their backyard. But then I remembered that there are a few parking spots where you can cut over to the sidewalk by taking three or four steps in the grass.

Now, the reason this was depressing, is that I always say, “I is a country boy,” and just the thought that I’ve been “urbanized” to walking on pavement makes me feel a little ill. But I’ve gotten to the point that 99.99% of the steps I take are now on pavement, which is probably the exact opposite of what I did as a kid. I don’t think of that as a step in the right direction.


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