Ficly Story

Over a week ago I saw this entry over on Bad Astronomy, which is the first time I heard of Ficly. This is a site where you can publish stories of less than 1,024 characters. I figured, Oh, that’s nothing. So I looked at my unpublished stories, and found that all of them were too long. I’ve been busy lately, so it took me awhile to get around to writing a story for Ficly, and I finally got around to it: Perfect Justice. Enjoy.


One Response to “Ficly Story”

  1. Ο χωρισμος δεν ειναι απωλεια για να πενθουμε και να οδηγει στην απελ-
    πισια της καταθλιψης.
    Ειναι αλλαγη στη ζωη μας και οφειλουμε να την αξιολογησουμε σημαντικη
    για να προχωρησουμε μπροστα σε καινουργιες προοπτικες εξελιξεις μας.

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