O’Reilly bullshit

I was flipping through the channels and saw the beginning of O’Reilly’s show. He was talking about Obama saying Fox was a megaphone against his administration. O’Reilly said that he had always been fair to Obama. I actually said, “Bullshit.”

Last November 18th, I posted this blog, and I think it deserves to be seen again:

Watch this clip of O’Reilly’s November 17, 2008 Talking Points.

Okay, did you notice the part towards the beginning where he said he’d take no “cheap shots” on Obama? Did you then notice his hinting that terrorists should be happy Obama was elected? I wonder how he defines cheap shots. He “saves” himself by then adding, “I could be wrong.” Asshole. I mean, I could say that O’Reilly might be a pervert, but I could be wrong.


One Response to “O’Reilly bullshit”

  1. bassackwards Says:

    Maybe Obama should pay more attention to his job and worry less about FOX news. It’s apparent the slack he’s being cut by the rest of the media is even apparent to the far left newspapers:


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