My issue with Star Trek

As I write this, my friends are comparing schedules to see when we can all go to the new Star Trek movie. I will go with them, but I am not looking forward to it. My knee-jerk reaction is that it should not have been made, and was just made in an attempt to squeeze a few more dollars from a decrepit cash cow.

One of the issues I have is my dislike of reboots/remakes/reimaginings. Sometimes you get SciFi’s Dune, but most of the time you get Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes. I understand that each generation sees new things in timeless classics and wish to reinterpret them for their age. So, I have no problem with someone fifty years from now who remakes the Lord of the Rings, but I would have a problem if they then remade Star Wars. The reason is the original source. The original source of Lord of the Rings is the book; any film is just an adaptation. But the original sources for Star Wars – or Star Trek – are the movies and the TV series. Remaking them is mucking around with the original source material. Quality issues aside, I have no problem with the Star Wars prequels and cartoons or the other Trek series. If J. J. Abrams had wanted to start a new Trek franchise, I would only ask that he make it good. But no, it has to be Kirk and the Enterprise because anything else wouldn’t make as much money.

I’ve heard an interview with J. J. Abrams where he said he wasn’t a fan of the Original Series, but he loved the sense of hope for the future. Now, by no means am I near J. J. Abrams as a writer, but let me school him. I was not a fan of Cloverfield. While I loved the idea of humanity fighting big bad monsters, I did find it overly simple, especially in the military aspects. For example, we have missiles and bombs that can penetrate fifty feet of reinforced concrete before exploding, but will bounce off lizard skin. Why? I guess I just have more faith in our military; one big monster might destroy a city, but the military would stop it. So I wasn’t a fan, but I loved an aspect of it. What to do. Should I remake Cloverfield? Or should I be like any self-respecting writer and steal the idea, add my personal parts to it, and make something new. I have an idea … fermenting that is a direct result of watching Cloverfield. Instead of one big monster easily stopped, there are thousands of smaller monsters (Mogs – Mutant Dogs) that are easily killed but overwhelm everything by their numbers. It’s a long shot this will ever get off the ground, but if it does, it will be my own personal thing, not just a remake of something. In order for it to make any money, it will have to be good. And that’s my biggest worry with the new Star Trek movie; people – such as myself who is going with a group of friends – will see it not because it is good, but because it’s Star Trek.

After I watch it, I will put up a post about it. Whether my feelings will change, we’ll see.


One Response to “My issue with Star Trek”

  1. Interesting perspective on this trend of remaking old classics. Haven’t thought about it in quite the same way as you, however, I have been disturbed by some of those reimaginings. Starsky & Hutch, a comedy? C’mon! Why do they change things that don’t need changing? I’m surprised Spock has pointy ears. I do try to go to these films without any expectation of them being copies of the originals and enjoy the new ones for what they are. Some of these crazy changes make it difficult.

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