Odds and Ends

There have been some stories recently I figured I should blog about, but I could only think of a few sentences (I’m not called the Prince of Pithy for nothing. :P) So, here’s some of what’s been on my mind lately.

Arlen Specter

I’ve always “known” politicians are slimy self-servers, so on one hand it was nice to hear a politician be honest and admit it. (“Why did you switch parties?” “It’s the only way I can keep my job.”) But on the other hand, it’s … I guess be careful what you wish for.

Miss California vs. Gay Marriage

(Author’s note: I only know about this because it was “news.” I could not care less about beauty pageants or beauty pageant contestants.)

Is Carrie Prejean entitled to her opinion? Yes. Does being Miss California add weight to her opinion? No. I have a bad feeling she will end up being a sexier version of Joe the Plumber. (I’ll give you a minute to burn away any images that came to mind.)

Swine Flu

Oh, I’m sorry, I meant H1N1. “[On] Thursday, the WHO said it would stop using the name swine flu because it was misleading and triggering the slaughter of pigs in some countries. Another reason the U.S. government wants to ditch the swine label is that many people are afraid to eat pork …” I think this is a great example of how dumb the world is.

23% of Americans are Republicans

What struck me most about this survey was another survey that 16% of Americans are “Unaffiliated.” Now there are some people who feel that atheists (a portion of the unaffiliated that equal the number of Jews in the country) are just a whiny minority that can be safely ignored. What’s the cutoff? 17%? 18%? If Republicans get that low, will these same people start referring to Republicans as a whiny minority that can be safely ignored?


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