5 Responses to “Torture”

  1. kcebnelg Says:

    The real torture is that you subjected yourself to watching MSNBC. That, my friend is cruel and unusual punishment.

  2. Is there something wrong with the truth?

  3. kcebnelg Says:

    The truth is that congress knew all of this was occurring. Pelosi and gang were briefed numerous times and none of them were against enhanced interrogation.

    Obama has done nothing more than weaken our country and embolden those who want to harm us. Do you actually think people who cut off the heads of their prisoners give a rat’s ass about this? They think we’re all a bunch of suckers.

    That’s the truth.

  4. “Obama has done nothing more than weaken our country and embolden those who want to harm us.” What about all the foreign fighters in Iraq who went there to kill Americans because under Bush we were torturing prisoners?

    Question, why do conservatives get bent all out of shape because gay people are “redefining” marriage, but have no problem at all redefining torture? WATERBOARDING … IS … TORTURE! If we torture prisoners, we are only one step down from those assholes who cut the heads of their prisoners. You may be okay with that kcebnelg, but I’m not. I believe America is better than that. We should do the right thing, regardless if terrorists “give a rat’s ass.”

  5. kcebnelg Says:

    If America was “better than that” we wouldn’t be jamming a tube into the base of a babies skull and sucking it’s brains out during a partial birth abortion. But for some evil and demented reason that’s legal so we Americans can stand on our moral high horse.

    There is a million mile chasm between making a terrorist uncomfortable and slowly sawing a guys head off with a knife. You see, the terrorist lives on with no lasting physical issues while the other guy dies a gruesome death not fit for a dog.

    Of course, many of the same people who are screaming about this, mock and laugh at Jesus Christ, who suffered the most tortuous form of death that can be imagined.

    I’m not implying that you necessarily feel this way. I only say this because I want you to be able to see why some people just can’t get as upset about this as some of the talking heads on MSNBC.

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