Tea Party – Atheism

I just thought of something. A lot of right wing people are having their Tea Party – on tax day – to protest taxes. I just wondered, how many of these people are against atheists putting up signs during the religious season? Why didn’t they have their Tea Parties in June? Because it wouldn’t be as relevant then. So why do atheist promote atheism when everyone is hip deep in religiosity? Because it’s relevant!

In a few months, when some conservatives start pounding the old drum of the “War on Christmas,” we should remind them of these Tea Parties. The cynical part of me feels sure that they will weasel their way around to say that they are “right” and we are “wrong,” but one can hope.


2 Responses to “Tea Party – Atheism”

  1. There’s a bit of a difference between the two thing – unless you’re willing to admit that you’re anti-theist and a choosing the dates in order to protest against religion.

    If the latter is the case, then you and yours unto the last infant should killed, preferably by fire.

  2. I imagine the “we were right and you were wrong” response is the most likely. After all, we’re discussing people who had no problem with Bush’s overspending into debt, but get all bent out of shape when a (black) democrat does it.

    Oh, and I don’t know if you are serious Jonolan, but you’re not going to find an atheist who thinks that innocent children should be set on fire.

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