Why I don’t kill people

Some people make the claim that if you don’t believe in their god, then you lack morals. For example, if their god has made a law against killing people, and you deny the existence of said god, you deny the existence of said law, and therefore – or so they claim – you must not have any problem going around killing people. That’s bullshit, and to prove it I’ve come up with the three reasons I don’t kill people.

#1. The biggest (99.99%) reason I don’t kill people is the same reason I don’t sing: I don’t feel the need. True, there are people I’d like to beat – all the armchair generals who whine that it is of vital importance for the U.S. to torture, I mean use enhanced interrogation techniques on suspected terrorists – but there is no one I want to personally kill. I do support executing people who have been convicted of heinous crimes, which some would claim as me killing people while hiding behind the impersonal “state,” but that is getting off topic.

#2. The next biggest reason I don’t kill people is because I believe life is unique. In all the universe, there isn’t another being like you or me. We are unique, and while we will all eventually die, cutting such a unique life short (through war, capital punishment, or self-defense) is something that should only be done as a last resort. Death is permanent. You can’t say “Oops” if you make a mistake.

#3. The least important reason I don’t kill people – given that the first two are 100% effective – is the threat of punishment. I don’t want my unique “life” cut short be being sent to prison.


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