Damn! Part 2

Last night I went into my bathroom about 9:00 and heard something dripping on top of my ceiling. “That can’t be good,” I thought. Twenty, thirty minutes later, I went in and saw a drip. So I called my apartment complex’s after-hours service and told them I had a drip in my bathroom. Maybe 5-10 minutes later, somebody called and I explained I had a couple drips and some wet spots in my ceiling, and he said that they would be in sometime this morning. At first I thought this was some belt tightening going on, that unless it’s a real emergency they’ll wait until the next day, but I later learned that there may have been some mis-communication going on.

So I went to bed with three drips and a couple wet spots and woke up to three drips and bigger wet spots. I figured they would be here soon, so I went to work without any worries. I live close enough to work that I can come home for lunch, and when I opened the door there was a stench. “What the hell is that?” That’s when I walked in and saw what I had in my last blog. So I called the office and told them my bathroom ceiling had collapsed, and they said that a water heater a floor up had went – that’s where all the water came from – and they would be down to check me out sometime.

I made my lunch, but before I could sit down to it I heard a maintenance man knocking on my neighbor’s door. I opened mine and he asked if I had any damage and I said my ceiling had collapsed, and he didn’t believe me until he went in and looked at it. He said he had been working there for 12 years and had never seen anything like that. He then called for backup. While he went upstairs to work on whatever mess was up there, this other guy came in and started clearing out all the wetwall. 😀 When he left to get something, I took this photo.


They came back and started cleaning more, and a third guy with a wet-vac showed up. The main guy said that they would clean it all up and let it dry out for a day or two, and then come back and put in a new ceiling. I went back to work, and then I had a writing group meeting, so when I finally got back home I was surprised to see this:


I don’t know when they’ll finish it – and it still needs to be cleaned – but while it sucks that it happened (I am finding some humor in it though) it’s nice to see it getting taken care of.

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