Things I am tired of hearing about

1. The Octuplet mom. Seriously, this was a two day story. Now she’s being interviewed and will probably write a book, have a TV movie made. She has, what, 14 kids? Maybe she should be home being a mom instead of holding interviews.

2. Sarah Palin. Her 15 minutes are up, but it seems like every other week she’s back in the news. Almost like no talent celebs who don’t wear underwear.

3. Flight 1549. Yes, the fact that nobody died is amazing. But does every news program have to interview the pilot? I mean, it was almost a month ago, why is it still news?

4. The stimulus package. Since everybody else is giving their two cents about the stimulus package, here’s mine; even if Congress does nothing, the country will eventually get better. And then we will ask, Why do we need Congress?


One Response to “Things I am tired of hearing about”

  1. I agree on the first 3, but I think that it is important that Americans understand the amount of debt we are incurring on the stimulus package and the long term implications for such a deficit.

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