Women that probably need to be slapped

I saw this over on God is for Suckers!, and it’s one of those things where you see people who believe, think, and feel things that are so far away from what you believe, think, and feel that you don’t know what to do. (I couldn’t get the GodTube video to embed, but I did find the video on YouTube.)


One Response to “Women that probably need to be slapped”

  1. Um….yeah, ok.

    Why do Christians insist on comparing feminism with evil and communism? Just because I want to make the same and have the same right as my male counter parts, that makes me evil and a child hater? I love children but I don’t want four of them right now. It’s perfectly ok for them to make the choices they do but it’s not ok for me to have a freedom of choice about my life? Doesn’t sound very Christian to me. Hey, WWJD? Bitch slap them all because they are f***ing idiots.

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