Living in fear

I don’t know if you’ve heard the story or not, but apparently some guy who spent several years in Gitmo was released over a year ago and is not thought to be leading terrorists in Yemen. Some people are saying this is why Obama is wrong to close Gitmo. I think Keith Olbermann blasts that idea rather succinctly.

But I wanted to add my take on this, in a roundaboutish way.

One day back when I was in college, I saw a flier some group had put up with tips for guys. I gathered from the flier that women live in constant fear guys are going to rape them. The tips were things guys could do ease the minds of women. The only one I remember, is if a guy is walking down the sidewalk and sees a woman 30-40 feet in front of him, he should cross the street and walk on the other side because apparently women think that if a guy is walking behind her, he is going to rape her. I found the whole thing rather offensive, for men and women. Are there rapist out there? Yes, but guys shouldn’t have to constantly prove that they are not rapist. Let’s turn this around in a lighthearted fashion. Are there psycho-bitches out there? Yes. Should guys treat all women as potential psycho-bitches until they prove otherwise? No.

Now, what does any of that have to do with Gitmo? The people who want Gitmo to stay open, I believe, are living in the state of constant fear that everybody is a terrorists. Any woman who thinks that just because a guy is walking behind her on the sidewalk means he is going to rape her, has issues, just like anyone who thinks someone from the middle east must be a terrorist and needs to be imprisoned forever. Are there terrorists out there? Yes, but we shouldn’t be live in fear that everybody is one.


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