3 Responses to “Tragicle”

  1. Wow! Amazing to think that people believe that stuff. Thanks for the eye-opening.

  2. So, the physics behind a plane being able to take off and land is unexplainable? It’s a miracle and not a scientific concept? Also, I have an issue with the whole atheists blame god for putting the geese in the way. The whole point of my being an atheist is that I don’t believe god exits. So, how can I blame god for putting the geese in the path of the plane engine when I don’t even believe that there is a god.

    Another point, is the argument that the pilot’s ability to land the plane is not even argued well. First of all he points out that the pilot has 40 years of experience and has experience with glider planes (or something like that). Then the genius reporter in the video insists that this is a miracle that the pilot is able to use the experience to land the plane. Hello! It’s not a miracle!! It’s the use of experience and the pilot’s ability to use his brain and think on the fly.

    OMG, this guys is such an idiot.

  3. Um, you do know this is parody, right? 😀

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